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Teak deck FFE 200 fairing and bonding epoxy (1.2L)

Kit of 2 small buckets 0.8l à 1.2l /m²

Ref. 02200000
Teak deck FFE 200 fairing and bonding epoxy (1.2L)

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Product Details

This product is a light, flexible and easy to sand epoxy adhesive. Use for roughening and final gluing of deck framings (or ferns) and panels teak.

The FFE 200 have a density of 0,85kg when dry and its structures constitutes an acoustic and thermal insulation. Its viscosity is formulated so as to be high enough to remain in place when applied to the deck but also low enough to provide excellent bonding adhesion.

Drying temperature : 7°C minimum

Developed to be easy to use, the ratio simplified 1 volume for 1 volume remains the same for any reference FFE 200, which facilitates the measurement and mixing of the product. Before each use, cut a corner of each pocket to empty the contents into their respective bucket. Once prepared, the material is ready for immediate use without waitng time.



Technical sheet

Preparation of the surface :

Before beginning the preparation, make sure that the surface is cleaned, dry and that any dirt, grease or oil is completely removed.


The different surfaces :

-> The steel :
Must be sanded to bleach the metal. Remove scale and aspirate surface to remove residue and dust. Wipe with acetone or alcohol (isopropanol). Apply 2/3 coats of Awl-Grip Guard (REF GRA3919) or equivalent.

-> Aluminum :
Must be sanded or sanded to disk (grain 24) up to 0,07/0,10mm in profile. Vacuum surface to remove residue and dust. Then apply aprimer layer for aluminum, zinc or strontium chromate, then reply slightly (grain 80). Finally, apply a Awl-Grip Guard layer or equivalent and then sand again (grain 60). Clean with acetone before application of epoxy adhesive FFE 200.

-> Fiberglass or gelcoat :
Must be sanded with sandpaper (grain 36) to remove ani shine on the surface. Then wipe with acetone or alcohol (isopropanol).

-> Wood :
Must be sanded with sandpaper (grain 36) and then wipe with acetone or alcohol (isopropanol). The humidity of the wood sould be between 12 and 14% at maximum.


Application :

Mixing :
Prepare components A and B in two containers of the same volume before combining. Allow about 1 liter per m². Fairly mix one volume of resin and one volume of activator using a mixer at very low speed so as not to trap air. It is advising to use four spatulas, one for mixing the activator, one for the hardener, one for mixing the two components and finally one for spreading the mixture, allowing a homogeneous mixture without residue. For the large surfaces use a mixer. 

The FFE 200 is supplied with a red activator and a white/cream hardener. Apllacation not recommended below 7°C. Prevent product from freezing


Roughening :

Pour and spread the FFE 200 in a uniform layer on the dry deck and clean and allow to dry 24H. It is not recommended to have a layer more than 12mm thick by layer. If you want to make a second coat, sand the surface. We advise you to make your second coat after 24H to avoid erosion at the first. Make sure that it is dried and cleaned with acetone (it must be hard and dry to the touch). Sand with a grain 36. Carry out the gluing of the deck after 24H minimum.


Collage :
Before sticking deck slats or teak panels, sand (grain 36) surface or epoxy primer. If your slats are shave, sand them and apply the FFE 200 on the surface in a uniform layer with a combination spreader. The panels or slats must be wiped with acetone 30/45 minutes before bonding. To ensure proper installation, ensure that slats or panels are completely maintened without leaving a void. To perfect the gluing of the pannels or slat, wait between 12h/24h for any subsequent operation and especially walking on it. Clean the surplus adhesive before 24h with a reefing hook.

Storage and preservation : usable at least 24 month by being stored at room temperature 10/35°C in a closed container. Prolonged storage beyond 24 month may cause the hardener to darken. In the case of prolonged storage, allow a small test of the mix to check its viability before use. The gel may cause crystallization of the resin. Heat at 50/855°C durinf 2/3 minutes.

Warning :  use in a very ventilated area. Contact with the product in liquid form may cause eye irritation. In case of contact with eyes, rinse thoroughly with cold water during 15 minutes. Consult a specialist. (Lens wearers should take special precautions). Avoid repeated and prolonged skin contact. Keep out of reach of children.


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