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Teak deck caulking SIS 440 cartridge

Black - 305ml

Ref. 01440002
Teak deck caulking SIS 440 cartridge

see also : Teak deck caulking SIS 440 cartridge Teak deck caulking SIS 440 cartridge Teak deck caulking SIS 440 cartridge

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Product Details

The TDS SIS40 is a one-component caulking which polymerize to humidity to former a soft, solid and compact mastic.

This product is a thixotropic which has withdrawal (5% to 10% of withdrawal) during drying. When it's dry, it's stay stable does not matter the ambient temperatures and offer a high resistance to the chemicals products.

Thanks to its neutral drying, it is non-corrosive to any substrate.

Avantages :

• Specially designed by TDS for boat deck caulk
• High resistance to the UV light and chemicals products
• 7 days of drying

Technical sheet

Important point :

-> The grooves must be clean and dry. The humidity of the wood should be about 12%. Don't caulk if the grooves wet. If humidity is present, protect the area to caulk to permit the drying.

-> At the time of caulking, the ambient temperature must be between 5 and 33°C. If it's too cold the product wiil not harden and if it's too hot, for example in the tropics, the teak deck would heat so much from direct sunlight that the product would bubble.

-> The grooves must be cleaned thoroughly

-> Does not require any primary !

Application of SIS440

1) To replace old or damaged seam, you can remove them by cutting with a cutter. Be careful not to damage the wood.

2) When the seam has been cut, you can remove it with the reefong hook (REF 06000001) for the small project. It's permit to scrabe easily to facilitate sanding.
For large project, use a circular saw (Router, Fein...) and finish with the reefing hook to obtain a clean wood.

3) Sand the wood with a seam sander (REF 06000002) to clean.

4) For preparing the rabbet (for the new deck), remove excess adhessive with a reefing hook before cleaning and sanding.

5) Before degreasing, remove dust particles with a vacuum cleaner.

6) Clean and degrease with a spatula wrapped with a rag. Dampen with acetone. Move back and forth by turning rag regulary. Let dry and insert the seam and make the caulking (REF 03108002).

NOTE :  DO NOT USE PRIMARY ! For best results, it's better to use a bond breaker tape for groove depths greater than 8mm. It's prevent the SIS440 from adhering to the bottom of the rabbet and allow the seam to work face to face. Make sure the rabbet are clean before depositing the bond breaker tape. A dirty rabbet can have negative consequences for the adhesion of the caulking.

7) Make your seam at an ambient temperature of 20°C. Place the sausage or cartridge in a gun. For cartridge pierce the operculum at the bottom with a tip. For sausage, using a cutter to make a slight cut on the certissage.

8) Inject the caulking at the bottom of the rabbet so that the seam can be bent. Avoid frequent stops or changes of direction to prevent air from entering.

9) Immediately after application, spatulate with an angle of 30°. Be sure to apply heavy pressure to fill the rabbet well. However, leave seam on the wood to allow withdrawal. Be sure not to let air enter during the application. Do not touch fro about 24H.

10) Let rest  during 7 days for black color and 12 days for white and gray.
The excess seam must be remove with an 80 grit belt sander and finish 100 in a delay of 24H. After this period, it will be more difficult to remove the surplus.

11) When your seam are hard, sand your surface to remove excess seams by using 80-100 grit sandpaper.

NOTE : It is advisable to wash your deck with eco 300 and to maintain it regularly, especially for white and gray seams.

NOTE : After  sanding, be sure to thoroughly clean all surfaces to be painted with solvent that remove any pollutants that could cause craks, commonly known as "fisheyes". Test surfaces before painting.

STORAGE : Store in a dry place at room temperature not exceeding 26°C and not falling below 0°C. Do not freeze. Consume preferably before 18 months out of factory.

For any professional request concerning the product warranty, you can dowload a copy by clicking here.
Thank you to return it filled and signed from the site and laying finished.

For major workds (shipyard...) download the tracking sheet and retrun it signed at the end of the work.

WARNING : For use in a very ventilated area. Contact with the product in liquid from may cause eye irritation. In case of contact with eyes, rinse thoroughly with cold water for 15 minutes. Consult a specialist. (Lens wearers should take special precautions). Avoid repeated and prolonged skin contact. Keep ouf of reach of children.

Dowload security sheet

Dowload tracking sheet (In french)


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